• Ghost writing
  • Creating content for your business
  • Editing
  • Coaching
  • College admissions essays; as a professor, I can help you prepare effective personal essays
  • Helping you write personal and/or business communication
  • Teaching classes about writing

I am available to work with individuals, groups, and businesses. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Retreat Facilitation and Group Work

I can help your workplace or organization take group dynamics to the next level. Drawing on my years of research and publishing on complex emotions and my extensive experience as a professor, speaker, group facilitator, and counselor for abusive men, I know how to navigate intense, complicated, and charged conversations with wisdom, grace, and clarity of purpose. I am skilled in the art and practice of compassionate confrontation. I am able to hold space and generate and facilitate conversations about sensitive, difficult, and painful topics in a way that is simultaneously deep, comfortable, thoughtful, and memorable. I manage to help people take risks, be vulnerable, and get to their edge while not falling off and feeling safe opening up and staying with the conversation. I can help you start much-needed conversations and keep them going in transformative ways. Please reach out so I can help you and your colleagues.

Experienced Trainer

I am an experienced educator and available to work with you and your business or organization to achieve its fullest potential. I can train people directly and can also mentor people to train others. I am available to work with people in diverse work settings.

Keenly perceptive and intuitive, I ask questions that cut to the core of things and help you dig deeply and reach higher, fulfilling your dreams.

I am comfortable with complex emotional issues that others often shy away from, and am honest, direct and forthcoming to help you get to the heart of the matter. I am trained in a trauma-informed perspective which is also helpful for grappling with issues of violence, racism, homophobia, etc.

I would love to work with you!