I offer workshops and retreats for your workplace, school, place of worship, community organizations, and circles of friends and neighbors!

Back in 1996, I got involved in Deep River groups with Abby Seixas, a therapist in Boston, MA and author of Finding the Deep River Within, and my experience profoundly altered the course of my life. So, I wanted to spread the joyful simplicity this practice brought me! In 2012, when I arrived in South Carolina I enrolled in a distance class with Abby so I could begin to facilitate these groups for others. I would love to share this powerful and transformative work with you, to help you access the creativity, flow, spaciousness, and passion that lies within you when you transcend the superficial busyness and speed of everyday life. Click on this link for more information, and please contact me to arrange something that will suit your needs: Deb Cohan – SC